Design and build your solution

Starting the production of POLYOLEFIN or PVC Films without previous direct experience involves the acquisition of basic notions regarding not only the process and handling of the plant, but also the knowledge about required raw materials, the sources where they can be obtained and of course the proportions in which they have to be compounded.

RLPlastproject is prepared to offer customers this basic know-how and support to allow new entries to begin production immediately without waste of time and money, thoroughout the different phases of experimentation. This means that customers, upon request, will receive two or three standard formulations which are approved and marketable.

Understandably the end users will then modify these blends to meet their local requirements and find alternative suppliers to those suggested by RLPlastproject compatibly with the need to maintain the good quality of the final product.

As a matter of principle RLPlastproject insists that all the machines are tested before shipment in order to verify the quality of the film produced in accordance with the contract specifications. The tests will be considered accepted only if the specifications set down by the contract are met.